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We're back! After the demise of Geocities, The Ultimate Dreamstone Guide's home from 2003-2009, I'm happy to finally put these pages back online for all the fans that found the site informative!

So what's new? Well it seems The Dreamstone now has a distribution company behind it and plans seem to be ongoing for a full release (whether that be TV repeats or a DVD release. For further information be sure to visit Monster Entertainment's Dreamstone Facebook page here! However in the meantime you can still buy the Abbey Home Media volumes, so please be sure to click the links above in the left hand corner to go to the page on Amazon for both Volumes! Even if you have the DVD's, but plan on shopping on Amazon for something else, please be sure to still use the banner (it helps keep this site running!)

and GOOD NEWS since I last updated this page! I finally found the AUSTRALIAN released The Dreamstone volumes 5 and 6 VHS tapes released by Reel Corporation in 1997. I will hopefully complete the videos section with these very soon!

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